Happy New Year



Welcome to 2013 & the beginning of my blog!

Looking back on 2012 – what a year! My beautiful daughter, Sohana, entered the world…who is now nearing 5 and a half months! There were so many wonderful things that happened in my family’s life this year and I am so thankful! It sure was a year that I will never forget. Even though I spent a good majority of the year hauling around a big belly, a few more exciting things did manage to happen. Moved into a new place that I now call home, became a mother, learned a new meaning of love and sacrifice, made new and great friends, met many family members, started new collections, found new hobbies and much…much more! And though I sit here and reminisce about the good, we all know when there are ups there are also some downs along the way. There were some chapters that had to be closed, some relationships/friendships I had to move past, events that taught me lessons for the better, and many inhumane happenings this year. Life is such a fragile and precious thing, and we really need to appreciate each day we live and those around us.

Looking forward, I am hoping 2013 will be filled with great experiences, success, achievements, proud moments, new beginnings, & happy, happier and the happiest days yet!

Heres to a New Year!!


The First Monday of 2013

I had promised my little Bunkie Bear I’d take her out to explore a little nature today. She’s pretty much sitting up on her own now so I figured it would make for a fun time outside. Well, we walked out that door and felt a gust of cold…really cold wind. I assured myself that Bubba was bundled up and a little walk couldn’t hurt. Boy was I wrong, it was freezing! A block down, I decided it was time to go back home. Bubba and I still found a way to make the walk back fun, and got a few pictures in as well!

Does anybody have any fun ideas for any indoor activities/classes in New York that can really entertain my little monkey?

So while we’re on the topic of freezing, my new favorite way to keep warm is sippin’ on a hot cup of Peach Tea – it is capital D licious. I love my herbal teas.

Since then we got a whole bunch done around here and it actually turned out to be a pretty fun day! Now baby’s just playing with toys and watching some toons as I get some work done.

Inspirational quote of the day: “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” – Rose Kennedy

Here are a few pictures we got in those 5 freezing minutes: